How to Tell If Someone Is Lying

24 Jul


Liar won’t use the words “I” or “me,” instead referring to himself/herself in the third person in order to deflect blame or responsibility. Sometimes, he/she will leave pronouns out altogether. For instance your boyfriend will say things like, “This guy was watching football,” or “Watching football!” instead of “I’m watching football.”

Man and woman

Eye Contact

A liar usually has a hard time looking someone directly in the eyes while he/she is lying. It’s easier to lie while looking at the wall next to someone than looking right at the person.Man and woman eye contact

Touching of the Face

A person who is lying may touch his/her face a lot, especially the nose, ears, mouth and throat. A liar won’t usually touch his/her chest with an open hand, however.Man touching his face


Usually, if you ask someone what they did last Tuesday, he/she have to stop and think about it for a few moments. A liar, however, will have a story already planned out if he/she is trying to cover something up. Unless the person you are talking to has an exceptionally good memory and always launches into stories this way, this should be a red flag.

Man and woman talking


If a person is lying about something that involves emotions, such as love, it should show on his/her face. When a person fakes an emotion, it generally is only shown in the mouth. For instance, someone can smile with his/her mouth, but it won’t go all the way to his/her eyes if it is insincere. Fake vs real smile

Thou Doth Protest Too Much

Liars will often insist that they are telling the truth and often. They will say that they “swear” they are telling the truth or will start a statement with “to be perfectly honest.” If you really are telling the truth, you don’t need to say all of these things. This is usually a sign of a guilty conscience trying to hide something.Man and woman talking

Extra Details

A liar will often give extra details that aren’t really necessary. They think they are making their case stronger, but in reality, the extra details just look fishy.

For instance, if you ask your boyfriend whose phone number you found in his pocket when you were doing laundry, he could just simply say it is something to do with work and leave it at that. But he might freak out and say something like, “I was at work, and Mike wanted me to help him out with a project he is working on, so he gave me the phone number to an advertising company so I could call them for him,” and on and on. If the phone number really was for work, you didn’t really need to know all of those details.

Now instead of having a solid story, he has guilty written all over him.Liar man

Change in Tone of Voice

A liar will often unconsciously change his/her tone of voice when telling a lie, either higher or lower than normal.Woman yelling at man

Dilated Pupils

When people lie, they get stressed; and when people get stressed, their pupils will often dilate. If the darks of her eyes get bigger, she might be pulling a fast one on you.Dilated pupil

Creating Obstacles

Liars may subconsciously put objects between themselves and the person they are lying to. They may walk around to the other side of the table, try to speak to you from another room or simply put their books or coffe cup between you on the table. This can also include their own arms, as liars will often cross their arms over their chests.Man with arms crossed

We Are All Liars

Although we might not want to admit it, every single one of us is a liar, having started lying by the time we were three years old.

Estimates of how often we lie range from as little as once a day to as much as two to three lies every 10 minutes.

Despite our expertise in telling lies, we are not so good at separating fact from fiction. Even if we know which body language clues to watch for, we can typically only detect about 54% of lies.young girl covering mouth while lying



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