How to Make Bottle Cap Bag Closure

21 Jul
So, fist I grabbed a clean juice bottle – you want a bottle with a wide mouth. I then used my kitchen shears to cut off about 2 1/2 inches. Then I just kind of trimmed up the edges to make it more smooth.


Here’s the package I wanted to close up and how I threaded the empty portion through the bottle top opening.


Next, I folded the loose bag back over the bottle top and then screwed the lid over the plastic. I was worried that it wasn’t really going to hold through the plastic, but it does just fine!


I can see all kinds of potential for this “technology” – chopped nuts seem to work quite well and will even pour out the spout. But I think where this idea would truly shine is with things like quinoa and rice – can you imagine?!?
So, yeah. This idea definitely accomplishes its purpose – holding the bag closed in a neat way that is not going to come loose or waste a ziplock bag. And although the chocolate chips were a bit big (and I must admit my house was warm enough that they were also slightly melty) to pour nicely from the spout, things like nuts and rice would work really well. Plus it was free, using materials on hand.

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