How to Keep Him Interested

12 Jul

#1 Stroke His Ego

Everyone knows women love compliments. They aren’t the only ones. He may not want to hear that he’s “pretty”. But a compliment on his hair or his outfit wouldn’t go amiss. Listen to what he says to you. Tell him when you think something is smart. Is he in a band? Tell him what you like about the way he plays. He’ll tune in to you when he knows you see him for what he is.

#2 Be Yourself

Want to hold his attention? Show him the real you. Invite him on a date that you’d really enjoy. Share your thoughts with him. Play him your favorite tunes the next time you hang out there. It can be scary to put yourself all the way out there. But it’s the only way to show him the special parts about you that will make him want to stick around. And if he doesn’t like the real you, it’s time to find someone who does.

#3 Initiate

Men love a little initiative. That goes double in bed. Put a little effort in. Grab a women’s magazine and try out some tips. Or, just ask him what he likes. Throw something extra into each romp. Your flexibility will keep him interested and excited. And you’ll have a lot of fun too.

#4 Get Proactive

It’s 2013. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Want to hang out more? Ask him on a date. Going crazy waiting for him to call? Pick up the phone. Once you make the move, pay attention to his reaction. If it’s positive, you’re in! If he acts standoffish, it may be time to share your charms with someone else.

#5 Keep Mum

You’re supposed to share in relationships. But you don’t have to reveal your motives. In fact, you shouldn’t. Attraction should happen naturally. At least, it should look like it’s happening naturally. Don’t tell him that you’re afraid he’s slipping away. You’ll sound clingy. He’ll suspect that everything you do after that is a ploy for his attention.

#6 Work Toward Your Goals

Your social life shouldn’t be your only focus. Men like successful women. Reach for the stars and he’ll respect your drive. He’ll also fall in love with your passion. Your busy schedule will give you lots to talk about. His parents will see you as a perfect match. And his friends will want to network with you. Plus, you’ll give yourself a confidence boost when you accomplish your goals.

#7 Speak Your Mind

Don’t be afraid to be opinionated. Men like women with strong identities. Engage him in conversation over drinks. Speak up about issues that are important to you. Don’t be afraid to defend your point if its different from his. He’ll respect your differences. And he’ll come to you for your opinion. Agree with everything he says without letting your personality shine and he may get bored of your conversations.

#8 Be A Social Butterfly

Keep your calendar full. He’ll have to squeeze in dates with you. A big social circle will keep you busy. When he sees you hanging out with other people, he’ll want to monopolize more of your time. And he’ll feel free to do so without worrying about you being clingy. When he does call, go out whenever he wants. The next time he rings, make him work around your busy schedule. You’ll keep him interested while making sure you don’t neglect your friends.

#9 Spruce Up

Men are visual creatures. Fix yourself up if you want to grab his attention. You don’t have to do anything drastic. A little lipstick and a pair of jeans you love go a long way.

You’ll do more than catch his eye. You’ll catch your own. And he’ll pick up on your confidence. Wear your favorite clothing or makeup each time you see him. Your efforts will keep him interested.

#10 Get Busy

Men can take you for granted when you’re too available. Develop interests outside the relationship. What have you always wanted to do? Devote some time every week to that. Your passion for your new hobby may re-ignite his passion for you. He’ll miss you the night or so a week you’re unavailable. He’ll put extra effort to get together when you’re free. Plus you’ll have a chance to accomplish those goals you’ve always had your eye on.

#11 Flirt a Little

Men are competitive animals. There’s nothing wrong with a little light flirting in his presence. Smile at the barista until he smiles back. Be a social butterfly at the next party you visit. Keep the moments short and when you know he’s watching. It will stir up a little harmless jealousy. He’ll see that other people appreciate your good qualities. And it will remind him that he doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

#12 Feed Him

Men are simpler than you think. They’re roughly 50% stomach. Food is a great way to keep a man interested. You don’t even have to cook. Just give him his favorite food. Pack him a lunch to take with him. You’ll travel right through his stomach to his heart. But don’t be a door mat. Good meals are for boys with good behavior.

#13 Share His Interests

The things you have in common will keep you together. Try taking part in the things he likes. If he plays the guitar, mess around on the bass. Does he like basketball? Watch the occasional game with him. Even if you don’t fall in love with the sport, he’ll appreciate the effort. He may even put in the effort to participate in stuff that you like. Hanging out doing the things that you both enjoy will keep you both interested.

#14 Head to the Gym

Keeping fit is a great way to keep a man. Your man will find your new confidence irresistible. Exercise will make you look sexier which will catch his eye. And that’s not all it will do. Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins keep you confident. They also improve your mood. Your cheerful attitude and healthy figure will keep him as interested as he was in the beginning.

#15 Decide If He’s Worth It

All relationships require work. Not all relationships deserve it. Take a moment to think about why he’s drifting. Is he interested in other women? Are you two naturally drifting apart? Sometimes relationships reach a natural end. Are you sure it’s worth the fight? Sometimes panic can drive you to save a relationship even when you’re not really interested.



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